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Lose yourself in the moment.

By taking the landscape and simplifying it, my aim is to capture a memory
without the details of representation. By breaking the image into minimal shapes and colours my paintings portray a mood that captures the moment in its purest form. Playful, sometimes whimsical, always memorable.


My work is inspired the the landscape around me. Having spent my summers by the lake or ocean, I am especially inspired by water – the calm and serenity, the energy and movement, the light and ever changing hues. My work explores the abstract in nature and it's connectivity to the collective emotion, questioning what we see, what we remember, and the emotions these evoke. 

The expanse of nature provides an opportunity to abstract the elements through expressive brushstrokes, subtle textures and simple forms. Layers of unexpected shapes, patterns and colours create a visual composite of energy and calm. A low horizon line or the playful placement of gestural figures bring context to the expressive composition of colour and texture. 


After graduating from Concordia Fine Arts with Honours in Graphic Design, I worked for over 20 years as a graphic designer before committing all of my efforts to painting. The success of my first private show inspired me to join Project Art where I continue to explore and challenge my creative spirit.


My work can be found in collections in Canada, the United States and Europe, and I am represented by galleries in both the US and across Canada.

Painting by the ocean.


“Art enables us to find ourselves and
 lose  ourselves at the same time.”

― Thomas Merton, No Man Is an Island

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